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Veggie Fried Rice

Veggie Fried Rice

Hello there, it’s Zoe from One Beet here to share another favorite recipe!  This time it’s my quick & easy veggie fried rice – the perfect choice when you’re looking for a healthy dinner, but don’t have much time for cooking. And really, don’t we all need a quick and easy go-to recipe to make when we are on the go?

There are few things that make this a good quick & easy dinner.  First, it’s made with leftover rice.  This can be the remains of take-out Indian or Chinese, or rice leftover from a big batch you made earlier in the week.  Either way, it saves a ton of time! You can also make rice ahead of time and then freeze it for use in later meals to save some time.

Second, it’s a dish that works well with whatever veggies you happen to have on hand.  For me, scallions, peppers, and broccoli are all staples that I almost always have in my house, but you can get creative depending on whatever is lurking in your fridge.  Frozen peas are also delicious tossed into this rice.

Third, this dish takes 15 minus start to finish.  It’s basically just some chopping, sautéing, and then eating.  Doesn’t get much better than that!

Quick and Easy Veggie Fried Rice (serves 2):


1 cup leftover rice
1 head broccoli, or 6 – 7 heads broccolini, chopped
1 yellow or red bell pepper, chopped
5 – 6 scallions, chopped
handful of grape tomatoes (or larger tomatoes cut into bite-sized pieces)
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 inch piece of fresh ginger, minced
2 tsp. sesame oil
2 tsp Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, soy sauce, or tamari

Directions (15 minutes):

Wash and chop all the vegetables into bite-sized pieces and mince the garlic and ginger.

Combine all the ingredients in a sauté pan and cook on medium/high for 5 – 7 minutes.

Serve hot and enjoy!

About Zoë Keller

Zoë Keller is passionate about food. Her blog,, is dedicated to celebrating the goodness of food through wholesome recipes that maximize flavor and nourishment. She sees healthy eating as a gateway into the body and an opportunity to take a proactive approach to overall wellness. Zoë is a Health Coach-in-training, total foodie, traveler, herbalist, amateur yogi, and all-round wellness warrior.
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4 Responses to Quick and Easy Veggie Fried Rice

  1. Gina B says:

    Oo yum! Love this, but we don’t do soy. I suppose I could try with Coconut Aminos! I miss this easy, hearty dish.

  2. Thanks for this Zoe. I really liked trying healthy recipes. It took me long before my kids started eating green leafy veggies and the secret is always how it tastes to match their palate. I liked your resourcefulness here.

  3. Chrystal says:

    I love how this recipe is mostly veggies and just a small amount of rice. I’ll have to try it!

  4. Therese says:

    Love this recipe Zoe – it ticks all the boxes for me! I grow a lot of my own veggies so depending on the season and what I have growing I could just adapt what I put in with the rice. The kids love helping in the garden so this is a great way for them to eat what they have grown! They also like a bit of spice so I might throw in some home grown chillies!!

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