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Hop on Pop is such a fun first time reader book, that is why this week we are celebrating Hop on Pop and Dr. Seuss Day. Get the introduction to Dr. Seuss day, Hop on Pop and the first four activities I have posted to go with the book in yesterday’s post:

Dr. Seuss Day – Hop on Pop Day 1

play ball

Play ball just like in the story (just don’t play ball on a wall, that is not a lesson we need to learn today!), to add a learning aspect to it- as you bounce the ball to your child call out a word like “pop, ball, or sad” instruct your child to call out a word that rhymes with your word as they bounce it back to you (ball, wall, call, stall, mall). Combining learning with a physical activity is a great way to teach kinesthetic learners.


Sensory bins are a fantastic way to introduce or reinforce skills like fine motor, imaginative play, matching, counting, sorting and classifying. Make them visually appealing (or messy) and your kids will be immediately drawn to it. I love using pom poms as a base in the sensory bin because they are fun, colorful and inexpensive-also reusable. I filled mine with yellow and white to represent popcorn, and included popcorn boxes leftover from my husband’s work, spoons for scooping and filling, and a shaker for “salt” . If your child is reading include small cards with rhyming words written on them throughout the box for them to match.


Hop on Pop(sicle) Made with Greek yogurt, honey and fresh fruit this is a healthy version of a childhood favorite. Combine 1 cup organic Greek yogurt (or make your own), ½ cup organic strawberries or any other fruit your child loves, and 2 Tbsp. raw honey (use maple syrup if your child is under 1 year old) in a blender. Pour into popsicle molds and let them freeze for 1 hour until solid. These are the perfect healthy mid day snack or even breakfast!

Come back tomorrow for more fun Hop on Pop ideas to celebrate Dr. Seuss Week!

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  1. Lee says:

    I am so lovin’ these posts! Very creative momma!!

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