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Theodor Seuss Geisel better known as Dr. Seuss is one of the most well known children’s authors around publishing 46 wonderful, fun, and imagination catching children’s books like The Cat in the Hat, The Lorax, Hop on Pop, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Green Eggs and Ham and so many more. On March 2nd of every year, the anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ birth, the National Educational Association celebrates World Reading Day (also known as Dr. Seuss Day). This year, since the 2nd is a Sunday the celebration is pushed to the 3rd so kids across the nation can enjoy reading Dr. Seuss all week in school.

In honor of Dr. Seuss Day I will dedicate this week to fun activities you can do while reading my son’s favorite book, Hop on Pop. This week we will have so much fun with snacks, activities, and games for this wonderful children’s book.


Hop on Pop – The Simplest Seuss for  Youngest Use was written by Dr. Seuss in 1963 and its purpose was to introduce simple phonics to children. The fun, basic rhymes and well known illustrations make it a favorite among children and grown ups alike.   To celebrate Dr. Seuss day I have put together some healthy snacks, activities, and art projects to go along with the book – including some thrifty, up-cycling ideas.  This simple list is easily done over the course of a week which is why I am sharing these all over a week. You can also pick and choose one or two things to do to celebrate. Slightly modified they are appropriate for a wide variety of ages.  These activities would be great to revisit for Father’s Day and Grandfathers day (since we call Grandpa “Pop Pop at our house). 

Hop Pop

We like to hop.

We like to hop

on top of pop



You must not

hop on Pop

Read The Book


Read the book together, more than once. Reading to your child from a young age is the beginning of literacy and if they are old enough to read to you then you can encourage and reinforce their reading skills.

Help your child identify sight words they may know. Provide your child with a cookie sheet (you  can pick these at the dollar store) and alphabet magnetic letters (we use these). Stop on words they recognize and encourage them to create the words on their tray.

We read this book every.single.night. It is my son’s favorite and he knows the book by heart already (he is almost two years old.) This is the perfect book to start young kids on, and let them grow into.

Hop on Pop(corn)


This fun mix and match hop on popcorn snack is great for children of any age. Who doesn’t like mixing and matching new flavors to make some delicious snacks?

Create a little popcorn station with GMO-free popcorn, dried fruit, candied ginger, herbs, nuts, chocolate chips and whatever else you like and make up delicious and healthy snack mixes. Serve in a tea cup cup just like the pup in a cup.

Hop on Pop(corn), The Game!

To play Hop on Pop(corn), cut popcorn shapes from white construction paper, write the sight words- Hop, Pop, and STOP (for my younger kids I made the STOP popcorn on red paper).

Have the children hop on the Hop and Pop spaces while you say “We like to hop, we like to hop on top of pop” until you say “STOP! You must not hop on pop!” at which time they should run to find a STOP space and stand there until you begin again.

Draw a Picture of Your Pop!


Use crayons, markers, colored pencils, or paint. Pick up a cheap frame from a yard sale or the dollar store and decorate your frame to highlight your pop, hang it up and see the smile of pride on your little ones face- pop will probably get a chuckle from it too!

Come back tomorrow for more Hop on Pop fun, activities, snacks and more!

Do you like to read Dr. Seuss? What is your favorite book?

My friend over at Happy Mothering is doing a week all about The Lorax! Check out her great series here.

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5 Responses to Dr. Seuss Day – Hop on Pop

  1. Oh my gosh I love it! The idea of a popcorn station is so fun. And I love “Draw Your Pop”. So much fun for your little guy!

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  3. heather says:

    how fun is your house???!! I love the hop on pop(corn) idea! what a great way to integrate the story with different facets!

  4. I love the popcorn idea! I’m adding this book to my library list for this week.

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