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in the mood massage oil

There is nothing more sensual or connecting than giving or receiving a thorough massage. Massage gets the blood moving, relaxes the body, and creates a physical connection between two people. It is a wonderful way to “warm up” an otherwise cold bedroom by creating physical contact with no indicator of sex. It is also a great way to “warm up” if sex is on the menu. Either way you get to know each others body in a new and intimate way.

I know the holidays with all of the stress about money and family are an absolute turn off for me. Too much stress, worry, and chaos. Taking the time for a nice gentle massage is always a great way to de-stress and “get in the mood”.

This massage oil blend is nourishing to the skin, but also is designed to be an aphrodisiac to help couples set the mood, or get “revved up” for intimate time.

The items linked below are from my affiliate partners at Mountain Rose Herbs and Amazon. They are products that I use my self and I am very happy with the quality of them.

“In The Mood” Massage Oil



Combine your oils in a glass heat proof measuring cup like a pyrex measuring cup or mason jar. Place the glass measuring cup in to a pot of water. This creates a “double boiler” type melting system. Warm the pot of water on low/medium to melt the coconut oil into the other oils. Once the coconut oil is melted, remove the oil from the heat and let cool to body temperature. Add the essential oils then pour into a container that is easy to use like a glass bottle with a top pump.

Use the oil to give each other a nice massage. You don’t need to be an expert to give a good massage, but if you would like some pointers this is a great DVD with some wonderful pointers. Intimacy Spa – Sensual Massage for Couples

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