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uses for apple cider vinegar

Before starting my green and crunchy lifestyle, I paid very little attention to vinegar.  I would use it here and there in a recipe, but I didn’t know the true value of it.  Now, thankfully, I know better.

Perhaps the vinegar most infamous for its medicinal and beauty properties is Apple Cider Vinegar.   Apple Cider Vinegar (or as I fondly refer to it, ACV) is made when alcohol and yeast are added to the liquid from crushed apples.  The liquid then ferments, and the sugars are turned into alcohol, which ultimately converts into vinegar.

There are many different applications for Apple Cider Vinegar, so I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite uses.

Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Hair Conditioner

ACV can soften your hair and help give it volume and shine, by stripping unwanted foreign oils and dirt that builds up over time.   You can create an herbal vinegar rinse and use it in place of your daily conditioner.

Facial Toner

Toners can regulate the ph balance of your skin, improving the look and feel, while helping fade age spots or acne scars. Create your own natural toner by combining one part ACV with two parts water, then applying daily on clean skin.   This toner can also aid in psoriasis sufferers, because ACV helps combat inflammation.

Wart and Mole Remover

You can remove unwanted warts and moles with ACV! Just pour some ACV onto a cotton ball, and place that cotton ball onto a wart or mole that you want removed.  Place a bandaid over the cotton ball to secure, and leave on over night, then remove during the day.  Repeat for 1 to 5 nights, and the wart or mole will be gone!  You can see a real life demonstration of this process over at Don’t Waste the Crumbs.

Soothe a Sunburn

Sunburns can be horribly painful, but you can ease your discomfort by simply pouring 1 cup of ACV into a warm bath, and soaking for 10 minutes.

Combat Bad Breathe and Plaque

Make a simple mouthwash with 1 C warm water and 1-2 Tbsp ACV.  Swish around your mouth for for 60 seconds, then spit out.  This will help break down bacteria that causes bad breathe and help deteriorate plaque.

Body Detox

Pour one to two capfuls of ACV into a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes.  The ACV will help draw out toxins from the body and moisturize your skin.

Aid in Weight Loss

Some studies have shown that daily consumption of acetic acid can help aid in weight loss.  Acetic acid is one of the main ingredients in ACV.  To try this weight loss method, pour 2 teaspoons of ACV into 16 ounces of water, and enjoy daily.

Treat Varicose Veins

Pour ACV onto a cotton ball, then dab onto varicose veins before bedtime, to help reduce their appearance.

Make a Bone Broth

Bone broth can help promote gut healing, it delivers vital nutrients, and is even beneficial for your skin.  Make your own bone broth using leftover chicken bones, ACV, and veggies.

Natural Allergy Treatment

One teaspoon of raw ACV, ingested 2 to 3 times a day, can help you fight itchy skin, allergies, eczema and aid in digestive complaints.

Hair Detangler

A homemade infusion of marshmallow root, ACV and olive oil can create a healthy, non-toxic hair detangler.

What are your favorite ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar?


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17 Responses to Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Good Morning! Thank you so much for highlighting my mole removal post in your round up. You’ve compiled a great list – I use most of those already, but the bad breath and sunburn treatments are new to me. Thanks again! Have a great day! ~Tiffany

  2. I keep saying I need to try apple cider vinegar. Does it matter whether it’s organic or not since I think I usually see the Bragg’s one recommended?

    • Amanda says:

      Apples are one of those “high pesticide” fruits, because of that I stick with organic and “live with the mother” for all the great pro-biotics. Braggs is easiest to get a hold of though.

  3. It’s also a great heartburn remedy!

  4. I didn’t realize it could help with eczema. I need to start taking it again! I also like making salad dressings with it.

  5. […] of Natural Living Mama talks about Apple Cider Vinegar and gives us just a few of the many ways that ACV is so […]

  6. I’m seriously impressed that ACV can help with all of these issues! I am curious what makes ACV different than regular vinegar?

    • Amanda says:

      It is made with apples while white vinegar is made from grain. Good ACV is raw and has a lot of great probiotics in it that pasteurized vinegar does not have.

  7. We LOVE apple cider vinegar here! Didn’t know you can use it as a mouthwash though. Will have to try that!

  8. ACV saved my daughter from having to go through plastic surgery for the severe warts on her hands! What a relief! It took probably a couple of months because she had so many warts, and some were so large, but we were beyond thrilled to get rid of them with the vinegar. We are treating a wart on my son’s elbow now.

    Question on the mouthwash, though. I’ve always heard that ACV can be harmful to the tooth enamel since it is so acidic, and that it should be diluted to more like 1 cup water and 1 or 2 tablespoons vinegar. Do you know much about that?

    • Amanda says:

      Kristen that is amazing about yoru daughters warts. About the mouth rinse, you are right! I am going to edit the post ASAP to 1C water, 2 Tbsp ACV. Thank you for bringing it up!

  9. Eraina says:

    Wondering if it has any effect on Skin Tags?

    Would be great to hear if anyone has used it to remove them with success.


  10. Carol says:

    I love ACV. I mainly use white vinegar in my laundry but I also use ACV in dark clothes as a softener and most importantly to remove odors from clothes. My Grandson has cerebral palsy and still wets the bed. He wears pull ups but his clothing still gets wet sometimes. Vinegar is the ONLY thing that will remove the urine odor.

  11. DONNA says:


  12. […] Apple Cider Vinegar. What can’t apple cider vinegar do? Apple cider vinegar diluted on a cotton ball or wash cloth can help reduce the itch from skin. It is especially soothing to infected cracked skin that occurs in eczema and psoriasis. […]

  13. cj says:

    My family has also used it to relieve/aid with heartburn, acid reflux & upset stomach

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