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live a less toxic part 1

Today we are facing a mass epidemic of obesity, cancer, heart disease, chronic inflammation, mental disease, degenerative disease, and auto-immune disease. Some people say it is because we, as a species, have a longer life expectancy than we once did. Although modern medicine and the lack of famine have allowed us to live longer lives, it has not improved our quality of life in the last fifty years. In fact, there are nearly 1,000,000 deaths a year due to medical intervention. Almost 100,000 of those are mistakes made by medical providers. The other 900,000 are from anything from adverse drug reactions, surgery, x-rays (4,000 a year), and other common medical procedures. You can see all the charts with references from several studies compiled in 2004 here.

So what is the the source of the war on the human body?

There obviously is not a simple answer to this question. Some will say the toxins in our environment, in our home, what we use to clean the home, or what we put on our bodies on a daily basis are slowly poisoning us. Some will say the air we breathe is full of toxins. Some believe that diet is to blame for all of societies health woes. We also see people blaming TV and advertising, the general laziness of Americans, and other claims that people just aren’t trying hard enough.

Who is right?

It is obvious to me that there is no one right answer. Instead of looking at one aspect of our life and saying THAT (points dramatically with a scowl of contempt), THAT is what is making me sick! If I just remove THAT my life will be perfect. Generally, most life problems are not so easily fixed, although I wish it were otherwise.

I believe we need to have a holistic approach to life, not just our own lives, but the life of our family, our community, our nation, and our planet. We need to look deeply and analytically at the issues and really start to take care of not only our selves, but the planet as a whole. By looking at health for the whole world, not just our selves, we can remove some of our ego and really see the patterns happening around us.

What patterns do I see?

I see the use of toxic chemicals on every level of living. More so, I see officials and corporations saying these toxins are safe for people to use in their homes, on their bodies, and to eat. A cursory google search will shows that a plethora of toxins companies are allowed to sell consumers are horrible for both health and the environment.

People are not nourishing their bodies with real whole foods. They eat processed foods full of toxic chemicals and highly removed from nature. We are removed from the food chain. Once, in the not too off past the food chain went something like this:

Garden -> Table

Garden -> Preserved using traditional methods retaining many of the nutritional and medicinal value –> Table

or even

Grown and harvested on a local farm without the use of pesticides or insecticides, picked within days -> Home to cook or preserve–> Eat.

Now our food chain looks something like:

Grown on a factory farm with depleted soil, sustained by the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides to hopefully get a decent enough crop to sell, and whatever we don’t make will be subsidized by the government -> Processing in a facility that removes most of the nutrients and beneficial properties of the food to increase shelf life OR Sprayed with toxic chemicals or radiated so as not to go bad before being transported –> Transportation across the state, country, or world in order to —> Sit on a grocery store shelf indefinitely until someone buys it then —-> Sits on the person’s shelf indefinitely until they get around to eating it.

So that’s not ideal.

We can also look at the medical model. Doctors are taught to treat disease symptoms with medications that ease the symptoms but have several negative side effects. The doctors rarely try to find the root cause of a disease unless pushed by patients. This usually takes several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills to find out that the condition they have can easily be treated by lifestyle change. Of course the patients have to find this out by doing their own research. The doctors would only ever say the disease is incurable and must be managed by toxic drugs for the rest of the patients life.

Also not awesome.

There are also thousands of toxic chemicals that have not been approved by the FDA for use on the body or in the home. There have been tests on these toxins in independent labs and they have been found to cause issues like infertility, cancer, diabetes, obesity, breathing problems, skin cancer, and more. We are lead to believe these things are safe because our government has not said otherwise. A little research on the Environmental Working Group website will tell us the real story.

So, what is the answer?

There is no one simple and easy answer, and I am convinced that it is really impossible to be “perfect” . Over the next few weeks we will go into detail about common issues in the modern American’s life, and how we can make simple lifestyle changes to reduce our risk for disease, and increase our quality of life.


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What is the toxic input you would like to see addressed in this series?

What seems most toxic to you? How do you detoxify your life?


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  1. This is exactly what I am doing this month as well! 🙂 Detox, Purify, Cleanse whatever we call it, we have got to give our bodies a break!

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