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Yard Layout 2013

It is spring! I am so excited.

There is nothing like being outside on a warm spring day planting your seeds and anticipating a nice bountiful harvest. There is no food that tastes better than the food you have grown with your own hands, sweat, and effort. I love gardening. I love the fresh veggies in my meals every day. I love being able to teach my kids how to be more self reliant and how to respect nature and I LOVE saving money on my grocery bill.

There are four parts to my garden this year. My annual bed of veggies and fruits, the permaculture perennial garden, the herb garden, and the lawn. Keep following each week to read about my plans for each of these.

My annual bed will be wrapping around three of the four sides of my back porch. These get great sun all day long and will be easily accessible so that I can run out side in my bare feet, pick some carrots for dinner, and run back inside to cook them up. These total out to sixty square feet of annual garden bed. So exciting!

One of the great things about putting the beds around the porch is the concrete around the porch is anywhere from two feet to six inches from the top of the porch to the ground. By putting my gardens around the porch I am preventing my children, dog, or my self from falling off and breaking our respective necks.  On the side with the biggest drop off I am adding trellaces all the way up to the porch top so that climbing vines can shade the patio during the summer and to prevent said children/dog from getting into my garden from the porch.

backyard side garden

Tomorrow I will post about how I built up my garden soil for almost nothing so keep an eye out .

I will let you know as I plant things in the garden what and how I plant. I don’t plan on doing many row plantings, but inter-planting vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs to help maximize the area to get the biggest harvest, while reducing “pest” issues by using companion planting concepts.

You can see how my daughter and I started our “hearty” vegetables like broccoli, lettuce and kale in egg shells here. I plan on planting seeds for cabbage, more broccoli, kholorabi, raddishes, and spinach as soon as this snow melts and I will cover the beds with a sheet if it is going to snow or frost again. “Hearty” vegetables can be planted four weeks before your last frost date according to this handy paper all about when to plant different things in CO published by Colorado State University.

I also have a pile of sticks layered with dirt and leaf mulch that I will be growing potatoes in. My potatoes from last season are already in the pile covered high with mulch so that the snow and frost doesn’t bother them. Seeing as we just got a big snow storm yesterday I will be able to tell you if that worked or not. I got this idea for potato growing from the book Gaia’s Garden, Second Edition: A Guide To Home-Scale Permaculture. I love it because this way my potatoes are far away from my tomatoes, which will be in the main veggie garden patch, so there won’t be the cross pollination issues between the potatoes and tomatoes. It will also give me some nice, rich, fertile soil to use for the garden I have planned there next year.


potato stick pile

Around my potato pile I have two rows of white onions planted with a mix of bee and butterfly attracting flowers above them. I can’t wait for these to come up! I have about 200 onions planted around the yard so I am hoping for a nice healthy harvest of onions to get us through most of next year!

So for now, that is my annual garden. I will be posting updates on the garden when I harvest and plant new things. This is all a new way of gardening for me so I will learn as I go and share my successes and failures, because there are always learning opportunities when gardening. This is my second season growing in Colorado, but last year I grew my food in containers on a not very well lit porch so this year should be completely different.

What are your garden plans this year? Are you pining to get your hands in the dirt or have you already had your hands in the dirt? 

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