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Three more days until Christmas! Are you ready? Here are some great, easy, cheap last minute Christmas ideas anyone on your list will love. 


Reindeer Feet

reindeer feet collage


Herb Infused Bath Oils

herb infused bath oils



cinnamonornament Collage

Moisturizing Body Butter


Moisturizing Body Butter

Dry Skin Lotion Bar

dry skin lotion bar collage

Coffee Honey Sugar Scrub and Honey Sugar Scrub

coffee sugar honey scrub

Oatmeal Honey Face Scrub


Homemade Herbal Bath Salts

Epsom Salt Bath Pic 1


What are you making for gifts this year? Please share and Merry Christmas!  

About Amanda

Amanda is a mother of two amazing toddlers. She is an herbalist, natural living guru, and real food, gluten free eating pro. She loves to help educate others on how to take control of their own health through natural living, real food, herbs, essential oils, and most of all - a positive mind set. Her other business Natural Herbal Living Magazine is all about helping people learn about how to use one herb a month on a deep and profound level.
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3 Responses to Last Minute Handmade Christmas Ideas

  1. Angela says:

    Great collection of gift ideas Amanda!!!

  2. Angela says:

    Great collection of gift ideas Amanda!!!

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