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I couldn't resist... aren't my kids feet cute?

I couldn’t resist… aren’t my kids feet cute?

December 2012 Monthly Deals 

I was doing the Natural Living Sales and Giveaways post weekly but it seemed like no one was really interested in all that. The two popular sites that people WERE interested in seeing deals from were Mountain Rose Herbs and doTERRA so here are their monthly deals for December 2012. Sorry these are so late! Enjoy.

I am a doTERRA IPC and a Mountain Rose Herbs affiliate. When you purchase from my links you are helping to support the blog and my family. It is very much appreciated!





For more information on how you can save 20-25% off of every doTERRA order with no commitments on your end contact me or read this!

Mountain Rose Herbs

15% Off!
Blessed Thistle   

Regular price – $9.50 Sale price – $8.07
20% Off!
Mustard Seed, Brown   

Regular price – $4.50 Sale price – $3.60
20% Off!
Sage Leaf   Regular price – $12.00 Sale price – $9.60
15% Off!
Kola Nut   (Wildharvested)

Regular price – $8.00 Sale price – $6.80
15% Off!
Honeyroo Tea   This delectable organic tea blend delivers the antioxidant benefits of Red Rooibos and the natural sweetness of Honeybush in a delicately fragrant and flavorful cup. Brewing up a pot of this aromatic tea conjures the heady aromas of late summer berries, roses and honey. Delicious iced and suitable for all ages. Caffeine free.

Regular price – $4.50 Sale price – $3.82

10% Off!
Orange, Bitter essential oil   Regular price – $4.25 Sale price – $3.82
20% Off!
Grand Fir essential oil   Regular price – $33.50 Sale price – $26.80
15% Off!
Peppermint hydrosol   Best known for its use as a revitalizing and refreshing body spray, this Peppermint hydrosol is well rounded and is strikingly robust. Just like fresh picked Peppermint wands! Can be used liberally on the body as a general cooler, in food preparations, and it is particularly helpful for abrasions, hot spots, and as a facial toner. Suitable for food and cosmetic use. Regular price – $8.25 Sale price – $7.01
20% Off!
Wildcraft Board Game

Theme of the game- Grandma needs huckleberries to bake a pie. You and your cousins embark on an adventure up the mountain to collect berries as well as edible and medicinal herbs that she uses. Will you all harvest the right plants to help with the trouble you run into along the way? Will you make it back before nightfall? The only way to win is by helping each other out. Wildcraft teaches you 25 important edible and medicinal plants and their uses in mostly first aid situations.

15% Off!
DVD- Foods That HealThis fantastic DVD from Master Herbalist Nicole Carter will help you learn how to use foods with maximum healing power to eliminate digestive trouble, heal ulcers, give you lots of energy, improve brain function, improve weight loss, slow signs of aging, strengthen your immune system and even give your libido a lift. Footage of colorful, fresh whole foods, herbs and other organic ingredients and Nicole’s clear, concise instructions will inspire you to create your own culinary masterpieces from super-nutritious foods such as aloe vera, coconut, goji berries, healthy nuts and seeds, dandelions and even raw cacao. Foods that Heal contains over 13 simple and delicious recipes that are sure to become your household standbys. Regular price – $14.95 Sale price – $12.70
15% Off!
Tea Nest InfuserSteep in style with these unique tea strainers! Made from sustainable American hardwoods, these charming tea nests are proudly made in Pennsylvania by skilled craftsmen and designed to last. The perfect gift for tea enthusiasts looking for a practical and beautiful option. Comes with a detachable stainless steel strainer which is approximately 2.25 inches wide. Available in Leaf or Vine design. Regular price – $9.50 Sale price – $8.07
20% Off!
Tea TimerThis elegant glass and stainless steel timer takes the guesswork out of brewing a perfect cup of tea! Whether you prefer a light, medium or strong cup, the colored sand in the hourglasses alerts you when your tea is finished brewing just the way you like it. Hourglasses run for 3, 4 and 5 minutes. Regular price – $14.00 Sale price – $11.20

What great deals have you found this month?

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