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I am currently having computer issues and have not been able to edit my video on how to massage a baby’s tummy to help reduce gas pain. Be on the lookout for the video next week! Meanwhile here is Dr. Hill about using essential oils on newborns.

How do you use Essential Oils on your Newborns?

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Amanda is a mother of two amazing toddlers. She is an herbalist, natural living guru, and real food, gluten free eating pro. She loves to help educate others on how to take control of their own health through natural living, real food, herbs, essential oils, and most of all - a positive mind set. Her other business Natural Herbal Living Magazine is all about helping people learn about how to use one herb a month on a deep and profound level.
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One Response to Tuesday Tidbit: Essential Oils for Newborns

  1. I don’t have kids, so I don’t use them on my kids, but, I do use doTERRA oils on my dogs and cat. Balance worked wonders when we rescued a traumatized dog who had been left cained outside during cold and rain for 3 days without fod, water, or shelter. She was all nervous when I walked her into our yard. I put balance in her ears and a whiff under her nose and within 10 seconds or so, shee sighed deeply and all the tansion left her body. Now, she licks On Guard off of our feet whenever she getsa the chance and when we use lavender on excema or lavender, she can’t wait to lick it off! We have to sneak it sometimes when she isoutside playing in th yard! We only trust doTERRA for our babies!

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