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I know a lot of you LOVED the Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery post. So what now? I had my baby and I just toss these oils? No! You can use Essential Oils postpartum as well for healing, mood and hormone regulation, breast milk production, helping baby adjust to the outside world and so much more!

Safety Note: Always dilute essential oils, especially when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, for children and the elderly, or if you have any health condition. For an immediate, acute, and emergent situation a 25% essential oil ratio can be warranted, but essential oils are powerful substances and a little bit goes a long way. A 1% dilution is usually all that is needed to see the effects of the essential oil, and when you are breastfeeding, it is the most cautious root to take. Always consult a medical professional before making any medical decisions and do your own research, and come to your own conclusions about what will work best for your self and your family.

Essential Oils Postpartum – Part 1: For Mom


Frankincense and Helichrysum to help with pain and promote healing. Helichrysum helps stop bleeding too.


Postpartum hemorrhaging is excessive bleeding following child birth. It is commonly defined as loosing 500ml of blood after vaginal birth and generally occurs within 24hours of giving birth. Seek medical attention immediately. To prevent hemorhage or as a first aid treatment on the way to your medical provider apply 1-3 drops helichrysum on lower back, lower belly over uterus to prevent hemorrhage and encourage healing.


Add two drops each of Frankincense and Lavender to frozen feminine pads  for soothing, healing and inflammation immediately after birth. I also added Helichrysum to promote healing and slow postpartum bleeding (which was a big problem for me after having my first baby).


A blend of Clary Sage, Helichrysum, and Ylang Ylang will tone things back up quickly. Mix the oils with a carrier oil and place on lower abdomen (over uterus) or on ankle reflex points to tone the uterus.


A few drops of Peppermint EO in the toilet before trying to pee will help encourage the urge and ability to pee.  I can tell you this works from experience.

Cramping and abdominal pain

Rub Deep Blue oil blend (doTERRA) on lower abdomen, especially right before you nurse since this is when the pain will be the worst. My nursing cramps were terrible the second time around. This is normal.


Geranium, Clary Sage, Helichrysum Essential oils: 1-2 drops of each in a spray bottle base of carrier oil for Hemorrhoids. Apply each time you use the restroom. You can also add these oils to a sitz bath to help heal the hemorrhoids and perineum.


Clary Sage is often used to start production. Apply to the insides of ankles or bottom of feet. Fennel and Basil  are used to increase milk production.  Peppermint and jasmine will rapidly and perhaps permanently decrease or stop milk production so avoid them if you want to continue to breastfeed.

Nipple soreness

Helichrysum & Lavender: for breastfeeding soreness (brings healing and elasticity- cut down soreness to 2 days vs. 10-14 days). Dilute 1 drop each with a tsp of carrier oil and gently rub on nipples after every nursing session.

Yeast infection

(Prevent or treat)
 Mix 15-20 drops  Melaleuca in a spray bottle and apply after urinating. 


Lemongrass, Melaleuca, Frankincense, Oregano and Helichrisum 2 drops of each in 1tbsp carrier oil. Rub oil on very lower abdomen/pubic region (avoiding mucous membranes) every time you urinate or every two hours, whichever is more often. Place an ice pack on the area, drink a lot of water and unsweetened cranberry juice. I got rid of my UTI in two days by doing this. If your symptoms last longer than 2 days following this protocol contact your health professional.

Postpartum depression/ baby blues

Elevation, lemon, lavender, frankincense, and balance are all great oils and blends to help combat post partum depression. My personal routine with oils is to use balance on the back of my neck and bottom of my feet when I wake up, at lunch and when I go to bed. In the morning I then layer frankincense and Elevation. I use lemon and wild orange as a pick me up throughout the day, or elevation which contains both of those oils. At lunch I used either elevation or serenity, depending if I needed a pick me up or to calm down. At night I would use balance, frankincense, and serenity to sleep. You can also diffuse these oils into the air and breathe deeply. You can apply 1-2 drops to temples or forehead, or the back of your neck. You can also add them to bath water for a nice, relaxing, uplifting and healing bath.

Have you used essential oils postpartum? What did you use? How did you use them?


Be sure when you buy Essential Oils they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for your own safety and that of your child. Aromatherapy or fragrance essential oils could be toxic to you or your child. I prefer and use doTERRA oils on my family and this is why.  For more information about doTERRA oils feel free to contact me.

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11 Responses to Essential Oils Postpartum – Part 1: For Mamma

  1. Frankincense #essentialoil relieves #pain and #inflammation postpartum. See more postpartum oils here. #doTERRA

  2. Just added my #inlinkz link: here: via @inlinkz

  3. Great post! Congratulations as well. We love our YL oils and I have a few friends that are pregnant and we are oiling them up and getting them ready for labor and delivery. I think most of the oils you mentioned are on their check list, so they are good to go. Thank you for linking up with us at Healthy 2Day Wednesdays!

  4. Great info Amanda!
    Thanks for sharing with my Super Link Party! :-)

  5. wow…cool information…it interest me a lot …thanks..

  6. Sue Mosier says:

    Hi Amanda,
    Hi Amanda,
    I am post menopause. I have a dropped uterus. Would these essential oils help in my situation?
    Thank you.

    A blend of Clary Sage, Helichrysum, and Ylang Ylang will tone things back up quickly. Mix the oils with a carrier oil and place on lower abdomen (over uterus) or on ankle reflex points to tone the uterus.

  7. Shae says:

    Thank you for your post I recently purchased, Francinsence, Lavender, Jasmine, Helychrisum &, Clary Sage essential oils I can’t wait to use them in the Labor and Delivery room & for postpartum healing. I’m due in 6 weeks, I’m excited and I picture my second delivery and healing to be more relaxing and less stressful.

    • Amanda says:

      They were so helpful to me! You will love how wonderful the oils work for labor, delivery and postpartum. Be sure to be careful with Jasmine. It is known to quickly dry up milk supply. I wouldn’t use it after you are done laboring. Good luck!

  8. Tatiana Bennett says:

    Thanks for the info! But if I may say, I wish you would revise it to say that peppermint MAY decrease milk production, because it really depends on the mother and her body. I used peppermint liberally while exclusively breastfeeding twins and pumping for a friends baby without any issues whatsoever (I’m a cow, what can I say). I’m just glad I was never told to avoid it, or I’d have unnecessarily missed out on all the benefits of peppermint!
    But again, thank you for posting this. I’ll be using some of your recipes for sure this time around. :)

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