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how to dry herbs

There are two simple ways to dry herbs.

Hang drying:

  1. Cut healthy stems from the plant. In this case I wildcrafted yarrow from a local open space.
  2. Remove any dead plant matter or debris
  3. Rinse your herbs gently in cool water
  4. Gather them in a bunch with 4-6 sprigs together. This group I did a little bit more because the length of the stems were so different that I could stagger them without affecting how well they dry.
  5. Tie a rubber band around the base of the stems holding the stems together, then put a paper clip through the rubber band to hang your herbs with. You want to use a rubber band because as the stems dry they will shrink. When they shrink the rubber band will contract with the herb, but a regular string will not resulting in fallen and wasted herbs.
  6. Hang the herbs in a dry room with good air flow.
  7. Check them every week until they are dry, then store in a cool, dark, dry place for up to 1 year.


If you are in a hurry to dry and store your herbs, or do not have the room to hang dry them, you can place them in the dehydrator at the lowest temperature (95* on mine) and run in the dehydrator until the herbs are nice and dry and ready to store.

That is it! Easy as tea. How do you like to dry and store your herbs?


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4 Responses to How to dry herbs

  1. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday! 🙂

    ~ Kathy

  2. Geri Sharp says:

    What is the name of the herb at the very top of the page I have this growing in my yard????

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