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Well the lettuce is all eaten, either by us or by the bugs. I had a nasty larvae/caterpillar of some sort eating it all along with some mean looking ear wigs. A reader on my Facebook page mentioned using diatomaceous earth which helped a lot with the bugs, but I gave up on the greens.

We had three small tomato plants in the Topsy Turvy planters along with one larger store-bought plant, and a pepper plant. The pepper plant did not live long in the Topsy Turvy and I am not sure why. We lost one small tomato plant and the other two small tomato plants were not growing, I am guessing because they weren’t getting enough sun, so I moved them to big pots hoping they will grow (they have not grown much since I moved them 2 weeks ago, but are still alive), and replaced them with 2 large store-bought tomato plants. One had two fruit on it and one looks like it has a nitrogen deficiency.

My smaller pepper plant… I think it needs a bigger pot and more sun but I have neither to give 🙁 It has some carrots sharing space with it.

Is this bugs or a nutrient deficiency in my tomatoes?

One of my farmers market tomato plants that is taking off!

This is another farmers market tomato that I put in the Topsy Turvy to grow but it never did. Its just small and sad looking. I might just pull it and replant my small pepper in this pot.

I don’t have many pollinators around me so I decided to give them a little lovin in hopes of getting tomatoes 🙂

My bigger, healthy pepper plants… no where near giving me peppers yet!

My pepper plants are growing sporadically. One is growing right on track, one is growing well but is recovering from some major insect damage, one is growing very slowly so I moved it to more sunlight hoping it will take, and one I am going to pull because it is not growing at all and there is a mystery plant in the pot that is growing. I am curious to see what it turns out to be. Any guesses?

Mystery plant just popped up… any idea what it is? Its a squash or melon of some sort I think…

The potatoes are doing well and have had a few flowers, not many but I am hoping for more soon. Even if we don’t get many potatoes we should end up with some good compost for next year! This is the method I am using to grow the potatoes.

My potatoes in a garden bag.

The herbs are doing well also, but herbs are pretty easy during good weather. It will be interesting to see if I can keep them alive through the winter though! There was one problem with the peppermint, some kind of bug was eating it. What kind of insect eats peppermint? I thought it was a good insect deterrent. Whatever it was, I covered it in diatamacious earth and have not had issues since.

Peppermint covered in diatomaceous earth

Chives and mystery seedling


I also started some squash on top of my green house rack where they can get a decent amount of sun, but not ideal, about five hours of sun a day. They seem to be doing OK. I need to find a way to trellace them so they can grow vertically, otherwise the whole plant will just fall out of the pot once they start produceing fruit. We have spaghetti squash, butternut squash, and zucchini planted. I planted them pretty late in the year so we will see if anything comes of it. They are supposed to have a short grow period but with limited sun I am not going to cry if it does not work out. I am hoping for a late crop to get us through the beginning of winter.

My squash plants all seeking sunlight.

I have also added some good leavings from the farmers market to my compost bin. This is how I made it. I am pretty pleased with the bin except the bottom of the bin is still pretty moist. I really wish I had some worms working in there but I have found worms are a lot more work than they seem at first and easily die. I always feel so guilty when they die too.

It is the middle of July, but you can still grow some veggies with short growing times to get you to the first frost. I planted some more carrots, chard, lettuce and some pea shoots today in hopes of stretching the growing season as much as possible. Here is a good chart for planting in July in the Denver area.


That is it for now. How is your garden doing? Have you gotten any good produce yet?

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2 Responses to July Garden Update

  1. Aldyth says:

    My herbs and vegetable plants have gotten absolutely toasted in the 100 degree midwest heat. I do container gardening, because of having bad hips that don’t tolerate getting down and digging in the dirt. I was gone for four days with the Independence Day holiday and them not getting watered during that time was enough to do them real damage. Attempts to revive them just haven’t worked, so I’ve written it off for this year. However, my begonias have done reasonably well. Over the years, I’ve found that they tolerate heat well and don’t need constant watering.

    • Amanda says:

      I am sorry to hear about your plants! I have noticed container plants are much more sensitive to heat. Poor plants.

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