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It is cold and flu season. If you have children, are around children, work outside the home, or have any contact with society whatsoever I am sure you are aware of this. I am in a wonderful group of natural living mamma’s who all have kiddos the same age as my little one. We are all different levels of “Green and Crunchy” and have discussions almost daily about the green stuff we are doing in our lives. I love that we all have special things in our life that we focus on, I am big on herbs and healing.

Almost every day someone’s little one is sick and I (or one of the other more herbally inclined mamma’s) have recommendations about herbs that might help the kiddo/husband/mamma feel better, and the moms who do not use herbs on a regular basis never have the herbs I suggest on hand! I decided to make a list of my “natural” medicine cabinet. It seems like a lot but using just these herbs and oils we have drastically reduced our use of Tylenol/Ibuprofen and we don’t even keep stomach medicine, cold and flu medicine, teething gel, sleeping pills, store-bought lotions, diaper creams, shampoo, conditioner, you get the idea.

These are specific to my family. As you get used to using more herbs in your every day life, and find a good herbalist, you will find the perfect combination to have on hand in your home.

Here is my list of things I try not to go without in my home. This includes Herbs, Essential oils, and the extra stuff you need to turn these into medicine. I know the list seems daunting BUT with these few herbs you can take control of your family’s health and be your own family physician.

I will go more into detail with one herb or oil every week for “Wellness Wednesday” so keep an eye out every Wednesday for an update on the benefits of each of these herbs and oils for your family in detail!


Chamomile, CalendulaCatnipDandelion root, Elder Berry, Fennel, Garlic, Ginger RootLavenderLicorice, Marshmallow root, NettleOat straw, Peppermint, Red Clover, Red Raspberry Leaf, Rose Hips, St. John’s Wort, Valerian, Yarrow

Essential oils:

Basil, Breathe oil, Digestzen, Frankincense, GeraniumGinger, Lavender,  Lemon, Melaleuca,  OnGuard oil, Peppermint.

Things that help make medicine:

Honey, Vegetable Glycerin, Vodka, Bees Wax, Olive oil, Almond oil, Baking Soda (aluminum free), Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Vinegar (white and apple cider vinegar), Tea pot, Tea strainer/ball/french press

What is on your families “Must Have” natural wellness list? I would love to hear what is in your natural medicine cabinet and why! 

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About Amanda

Amanda is a mother of two amazing toddlers. She is an herbalist, natural living guru, and real food, gluten free eating pro. She loves to help educate others on how to take control of their own health through natural living, real food, herbs, essential oils, and most of all - a positive mind set. Her other business Natural Herbal Living Magazine is all about helping people learn about how to use one herb a month on a deep and profound level.
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15 Responses to What is in my “medicine” cabinet

  1. aimee says:

    A couple of weeks ago, I got that rotton cold that is going around. I used On Guard oil on my feet, in my water, and on my hands to keep from spreading the germs. I had to sing in church that week, so I needed help fast. I read that if you gargle with warm water and a couple drops of lemon oil and acouple drops of on guard, tha it helps with sore throats. I accidentally grabbed lemon and frankinscense and gargled with that. I was ready to sing within a day or two! Amazing stuff!

  2. Tammy says:

    I love it! My youngest had the flu this week and I have been making everyone else drink water kefir to get those good probiotics in their guts!

  3. Great list! Thanks so much for sharing it… I’ll have to add some of these as I build my herbal remedy chest!

  4. Amanda, That’s a great, well rounded list! thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a great list, especially for beginers! Thanks for posting it. Here is one of the mian things I keep on hand for cold season!

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  14. Mark says:

    Great info. I like to make tea with ginger and peppermint. I also try to add a little when I juice. I do have to hold off on the black licorice though. I tend to eat it all so quick.

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